Once upon a time Disney made film on menstruation

It would be impossible to tell you how much I love the internet. Anything and everything is here, if you know how to find it. I have been very concerned lately about menstruation. I mean, I feel ashamed that as a woman I never truly thought very much about how others deal with it. In this search for knowledge I have bumped into  the short film “The story or menstruation” by Disney, a rather informative short film which explains what is menstruation.

The story of Menstruation by Disney

The story of Menstruation taught girls during decades how to deal with “that time of the month”

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Menstruation myths that will surprise you

#1 Period myth: there is not such a thing as PMS . According to a Canadian study,  most women do not undergo a significant hormonal change that would lead to mood swings. This has me thinking if we feel like this in most cases because it is not very practical to be on our period and we do not receive a lot of support. This is probably the hardest myth to debunk. Continue Reading