Menstruation myths that will surprise you

#1 Period myth: there is not such a thing as PMS . According to a Canadian study,  most women do not undergo a significant hormonal change that would lead to mood swings. This has me thinking if we feel like this in most cases because it is not very practical to be on our period and we do not receive a lot of support. This is probably the hardest myth to debunk.

For this they sampled daily the urine of women aged 18 to 40 and made them report their moods.  Data collected suggests that just one in six women seemed to suffer from irritable, sad or low mood before their period. They found that, apart from a few exceptions,  there is no considerable hormonal change that could be linked to the infamous PMS mood changes.

the most widespread period myth is false according to research

We all have admitted to this at some point. Science does not agree with us.

# 2. Women make mayo go off during their period.  Yes, this is believed in some countries, this myth was particularly popular in France though I have heard this in my country, Spain.

# 3. In England, a XIX  century medical journal published letters from several do tours   who  stated they have seen a woman with the ability if making ham go  off if she touched during her period.  Incredible that this myth was perpetuated by the so-called medicine of the time.

 # 4. Period Myth: ruining gherkins by touching them. This is believed in India. Not only in the countryside but also in cities, up to 59%  percent of women believe such thing. I think it is very good that a sanitary pad company is laughing at it by actually using the phrase “touch the pickle” in their packaging.


# 5. In India this myth has it that women ought to eat in different plates., nothing is to be shared with  women during this time of the month.

period myths like this isolate women

many women are isolated within their families during such a social act as eating

#6. Menstrual flow and appearance: this medieval  belief had it that if you had light flow you would have a manly appearance.  If you had heavy flow you were consider to have more chances to have a deformed or dying baby. Yes … gruesome.

period myths send women away from their homes

Photo: The Guardian

#7. Menstruation has  a bad influence on men. In some cultures, thanks to such a nonsensical myth, women are  not allowed in temples, are not allowed to serve food or contact in general with other being. In New Guinea, there were some tribes which  believed they could bring bad luck or make them feel ill. There is the case of a man  who divorced his wife after seeing her lying on his bed sheets during her period. It is incredible what autosuggestion and period myths can do.

I am sure that -sadly- there are many more. Please, feel free to share the nonsense by answering to this post.  Also, last but not least, do educate everyone around you about periods beyond the biology. Help raise awareness of the marginalisation that many women suffer nowadays just for the fact that they have turned into mature full women, technically speaking. (Loving red here 🙂 )



artists support #periodpositive movement

Raising awareness to be #periodpositive (Lola Vendetta)

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