Once upon a time Disney made film on menstruation

It would be impossible to tell you how much I love the internet. Anything and everything is here, if you know how to find it. I have been very concerned lately about menstruation. I mean, I feel ashamed that as a woman I never truly thought very much about how others deal with it. In this search for knowledge I have bumped into  the short film “The story or menstruation” by Disney, a rather informative short film which explains what is menstruation.

The story of Menstruation by Disney

The story of Menstruation taught girls during decades how to deal with “that time of the month”

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Fidget spinners: learning to be “bored”  and over-stimulation as a way of life.

Funnily or sadly enough, the inventor of  fidget spinners is not making a dime, Catherine Hettinger. She created the infamous fidget spinner 20 years ago. She pitched it to Hasbro, one of the largest toy manufacturers in the world, but they were not interested in it. Eventually, Mrs Hettinger was unable to pay the renewal of the  fidget spinner patent, resulting in other people making money from her original idea.

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Fibroids treatment with Esmya: my personal experience so far

I know it is quite a full on post to start with but as I am still dealing with this fibroid issue it is quite a hot a relevant topic. Besides, since I have been diagnosed with fibroids I have been doing so much research that it could be useful for someone in the same situation to be told about one´s journey.

My symptoms

I started with some unusual random light spotting last year, 2016, in May. At the time I put it down to not having the mini pill at the right time.

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