5 tips on how to SAVE and MAKE MONEY moving home

So, after  a decade I am moving  back to my homeland. This got me thinking of all the things I accumulated that I did not need and also how to make  money and save money  to fund moving overseas. Moving house it is one of the  top 3 most stressful things in our lives and anything we can do to minimise the psychological and monetary impact of it can only be good.

How to save money moving house

#1.  This one is a  particularly good way to save money if you are moving from a flat or a small house. Some times it is very costly to do this. Now we can find professional companies which offer partly loaded vans with this purpose. My personal favourite is Uship. It works similarly to Ebay : you post what you need to move (items, sizes, weights) and the removal companies bid to get the job. Of course, unlike Ebay the lowest bid wins but only if you decide so. You are not compelled to accept their offers and you will only pay a small fee if you accept their bid. I posted my job twice in the same place before getting a quote that was interesting to me. In my case I am moving a super King divan bed and a 42″ plasma tv. All for £425. You might think it is not that cheap but I will certainly spend much more trying to buy these items .


 #2. Small parcels can be sent by using delivery companies. The savviest thing to do is to go on a              comparison site such as parcel monkey . You input the parcel, size and weight and it comes up                   with a comparison of all the different companies. You can save quite a lot.

Saving money with a click

You can start moving and saving money from home, just using your computer.


#3.  Facebook. Yes, and I do not mean the webpages of companies. Sometimes if you go on the page of a particular city,  you will see that people advertise their services. For instance, I know that in the group “Españoles en York” there is a guy who monthly goes back to Spain and loads his van. It is considerably cheaper so you will save compared to your usual removal company. Remeber, if you do so try to get feedback from other users. Always use someone reputed.



Making money before you move house

#4. Of course  there are some obvious and some not so obvious things to do:Flog it!!! One of the first things that come to mind when thinking of making moneyÑ Ebay, wallapop, gumtree, Spock . A tip: pictures make a massive difference, make them  good. Compare how much for similar items are selling in your area. Finally, leave a little room to bargain or go down.

Wallapop is a available on google playstore and on the Appstore

Wallapop allows you to trade face to face

#5. Less obvious way to make money. Claim for things you did not bother before.              A) tax rebate- Most of us pay at some point too much tax. Some professions, like teachers, get half their union fees back.             B)Delayed or cancelled flights claim.  Last year it happened twice to me and, to be hones, I could not be bothered. I was delayed 5 hours in Rotterdam and I lost my connecting flight to Rome. The latter resulted in me arriving one day later to Italy. I just filled in my claims and , fee deducted, I will get an estimated of 492 euro.   Ipp claims (I have not tried this one).



make money claiming money back from holidays

Its online form takes only 5 minutes to be filled in.

make money claiming tax back.

Let’s help HMRC remeber what they (might) owe us.

With a bit of luck and if you are organised you will save enough money to make it rain … or maybe just drizzle :).

Not precisely saving money

Wolfie making it rain




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